Borobudur - Dieng

Magelang Regency
Three Buddhist Temples On One Ritual Line

Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut are Buddhist temples built by King Samaratungga of Syailendra Dynasty int the 8 th century. Three temples have interesting pictorial carvings on Budha's life and his reincarnation set in Lalitavistara and Jattaka stories. Borobudur and Pawon temples are situated at the subdistrict of Borobudur while Mendut temple at subdistrict of mungkid, 3 km from Borobudur Site eastward.

Punthuk Setumbu Hill
Punthuk Setumbu Hill is located about 4 km west of Borobudur Temple , precisely in Karangrejo Village. Punthuk Setumbu Hill is one of the best place to see sunrise and Borobudur Temple in the morning . This place can be reached by walking, riding a bike, or riding motorcycles.

Ketep Pass
Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above the sea level, this area lies on about 8,000 m2 area , in Ketep Village, District of Sawangan , which is 17 km from the Blabak village to the E ast, 30 km from the down town of Magelang, 35 km from Boyolali City and 32 km from the city of Salatiga. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing Sindoro, Mount Tidar, Mount Andong , Mount Menoreh and agricultural areas . In order to reach this place, visitors can go through several routes; from Magelang, Boyolali, or Salatiga . Not olny that it has the most amazing views of several mountains in Central Java, visitors can also enjoy some facilities offered in this tourism site such as volcano theater, souvenir shops, vegetables stalls, restaurants, museums, Mount Merapi binoculars, and flying fox .

Magelang Municipality

Kyai Langgeng Park
A recreation park inaugurated in September 1980, with an area of 27 acre, located in Jl. Cempaka No. 9 Magelang has hundreds collection of rare plants that can be used as a research object, sculpture of dinosaur in the actual size, a play ground with various facilities, and the most recently it has a prototype of aircraft. During the holiday season , this place serves the visitors with various local art performances. Not only play ground for kids and family, but this place also offers another facility as rafting to those like adventure and exploring the Progo river.

Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regency
Ancient Hindu Temples Site
Dieng Plateau ares has beautiful sceneries and natural heritage of the past in the form of historical site s and ancient Hindu temples built during the ancient Mataram K ingdom between the year of 809 AD – 1210 AD . The five temples are arranged in two rows , the East row consists of four temples all facing to the W est , i.e; Arjuna Temple , Heroine Temple , Puntadewa Temple , Sembadra Temple , Semar temple faces to the east, opposite to the Arjuna Temple.  

Warna And Pengilon Lake
Being able to reflect various beautiful colors, therefore this lake was named of Warna (color) Lake . Further, there also exists another lake located next to the lake of Telaga Warna, recently known as Telaga Pengilon (Mirror Lake) because of its mirror -like sparkle . This phenomena are probably because of minerals exist in the lake. In fact, these lakes are situated not so far from several craters which emerge mineral substances from inside of the earth.

Dieng Plateau Theatre
Dieng Plateau Theatre plays a documentary movie about a picture of the craters formation in the area and the tragedy of Sinila Crater happened few decades ago. Film entitled “Dieng Negeri Khayangan (god abode)” tells about the formation process of Dieng plateau, natural potential of Dieng, enchantment of Dieng tourist spot, the Tragedy of Sinila crater where it has killed hundreds people in the area in 1979, traditional arts of Dieng, Craters, and the tradition of ruwatan (exorcism ritual) c utting the dreadlock h air

Dieng Kailasa Museum
Dieng Kailasa Museum is located at Arca Central Building Complex, a property of Department of Central Java Archaeological Heritage Preservation , near Gatotkaca Temple , Dieng, Batur District, Banjarnegara. The name comes from the name of the mountain Kailasa which is believed to be a sacred place (where god Shiva lives) for Hindu and Bud h hist. The museum collections are artifacts and information panels about nature ( geology, flora and fauna ), the Dieng local people ( daily life, agriculture , beliefs , arts ) and the archaeological heritage of Dieng . Various facilities for the visitor's convenience have been provided such as: theater s , restaurants , shelters , and open stage .

Seruling Mas Zoo
This amusement park has a main attraction of wildlife park ( zoo ) , lies on an area of ± 10 ha , and was established in 1997 . It is l ocated around 1 km from Banjarnegara City to the north . T here is also a tomb of Ki Ageng Selomanik , the descendant of Mataram King, inside the location. Available f acilities : restaurants , souvenir shops , swimming pool , children play ground , entertainment stage , fishing arena

Temanggung Regency
This region is located on 2,100 m above sea level and located on Sindoro Mountainside precisely in Tegalrejo Village, Ngadirejo District. Visitors can reach this object about 26 km from northwest Temanggung town. Jumprit is spiritual tourism object on Sindoro mountainside with natural mountain view and cool campground. Jumpit water also uses as water blessing in Tri Suci Waisak ceremony every year.

Pringapus Temple
This temple is located o n Pringsurat Village, Ngadirejo District about 22 km northwestern of temanggung city . It was predicted that the temple was built in 850 and finished 2 years afterwards . Its sculptures was design ed with the sense of Hindu Swastis art . If we observe it carefully, the shape of the building is like a replica of Mahameru that becomes a symbol of Gods place. It can be evidenced with antefixs and reliefs of Hapsari that represent a Goddest .

Pikatan Water Park
Recreation Park with quite natural scenery and fresh air is located 4 km from Temanggung Town to the south. There are abundant natural springs and becomes source of people's life. The name “Pikatan” originated from king's name in ancient Mataram , Rakai Pikatan. Visitors of this object can see and feel the strong sense of the past since there are so many historical heritages like statue and giant tree.

Kledung Pass

Kledung Pass is located on the border of Temanggung – Wonosobo 17 km to the west from Temanggung city . Kledung Pass is a plateau that in the range between Sumbing Mountain (3,260 m above sea level and Sindoro (3,151 m above sea level). On the height 1,450 m above sea level, Kledung Pass offers natural beauty with fresh air, quite ness , and far from pollution.

Purworejo Regency

Seplawan Cave

Seplawan cave is located in Donorejo Village, in the district of Kaligesing, 40 kilometer to the east from the city center. This place has highly historical value because in one of the cave corners was found a 22 carat gold statue with the height of 9 cm and the weight of 1.5 kilogram. It is a statue of a couple holding hands. The archeologists believe that it is a statue of lord Siva and goddess Parawati. This statue is a relic from Hidu Siva era and now it is kept in the national museum. And for substitute, the government has built a replication in front of the cave mouth, which has bigger size than the original one so it is like a monument. This cave is +700 m in length (for visitors' route) and there are still some other routes which can only be accessed by an expert in the cave exploration. T he beautiful stalagmite and stalactite as well as the underground river makes this cave seems to be quiet and peaceful as we enter .

Jatimalang Beach

This tourist spot is located in Jatimalang Village, in the district of Purwodadi, located around 18 km from the city center of Purworejo. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of south beach panorama. History told that this place was once used to anchor Japanese troopships in 1945.

Pasir Puncu Beach
This tourist spot is located in Ketawang and Harjobinangun Village, in the district of Grabag, 22 km from the city center of Purworejo. Ketawang beach is a traditional beach which is very beautiful due to the Hidia Ocean waves.

Silangit Waterfall
Curug Silangit is a unique waterfall located in Kaligesing, precisely in Jeketro Kampong, in the village of Kaligono. 3 waterfall stories are one of the attractions of this place. The first waterfall or the highest one has the height of 30 m. The second waterfall is about 10 meter or as high as a coconut tree and the lowest one is about 10 meter. Every waterfall bellow has pools used by visitors for bathing. Every pool generally has more than 5 meters in depth.

Bedug Pendowo
Bedug Pendowo is one of the big g est bedug (drum) in the world that places in the great mosque of Kauman, located at Jl Mayjend Sutoyo, Purworejo, precisely in the square of Purworejo. This bedug was made of five branches teak wood what makes it named Bedug Pandawa. This bedug was made hundreds years ago, recorded in 176 Java or approximately in 1834 AD. With an average leng t h of 292 cm, a mid-line front of 194 cm, back line of 180 cm, front perimeter of 601 cm, back perimeter of 564 cm, and the number of front nails are 120 pieces and 98 pieces in the back.