Karang Banjar

Until 2006, Karangbanjar village is the only tourism village in Purbalingga regency, Central Java province. This village is situated about 2 km western of Bojongsari district main town, and 5 km northen the capital city of Purbalingga regency. Sumingkir and Beji village are villages located on north direction from Karangbanjar. In south area, this village is bordered by Munjul village. In east direction, this village is bordered by Bojongsari and Kajongan village, and for west direction, bordered by Kutasari village. Karangbanjar village is covering about 148.35 hectares area, which consists of farming area (110.16 heactares), yards (271.35 hectares), and others about 10.85 hectares.

The people who lived in Karangbanjar until 2006 are about 3731. From that amount,
men are 1814 people, and women are 1818 people. The most dominant occupation in this village
is farming..

Tourism Facilities
Tourism Interests
a Places of Interest
a. Fishing Area
This area is equipped with gazebo to bring a comfortable situation for visitors. In certain time, a fishing festival is held in this area, which offering a number of gifts. This fishing festival is enough attracted visitors from outer regions to visit this place.

b. Vegetables and Fruits Garden
This garden offers beautiful landscape of natural agriculture area. Beautiful landscape of mount Slamet adds a fantastic feel. For anyone who wants to buy some agriculture products, he can directly buys and picks he wants to.

c. Livestock Unit
Tourists can watch system which used in this local livestock. The meaning of livestock unit is all local vilaggers' livestocks are united together in one location. The aim from this system is keeping local villagers' dwelling healthy, because location of their livestock is not merged with their dwellings.

d. Camping Area
There is a beautiful hill in Karangbanjar village with surrounded by litlle rivers with their springs around. In top of the hill, a building used as confluence place and sports facility.

e. Tourism Destination Objects around Karangbanjar Village
- Owabong
Owabong is a water tourism object located in Bojongsari district, Purbalingga regency. Here, visitors can use all water instruments provided. This area is completely suitable for family vacation. For detailed information, please contact address and phone number below.
Bojongsari Water Tourism Object
Owabong Street, Bojongsari, Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (+62-281)7617062, 7617063
Fax: (+62-281)6596967
- Walik Swimming Pool
This place is located at Walik village, Kutasari district, Purbalingga regency.
- Amazon Purbayasa Aquarium
This plce is located at Purbayasa village, Padamara district, Purbalingga regency.
b. Traditional Art
a. Lengger/Calung Banyumasan
b. Kuda Lumping
c. Kothekan Lesung
d. Gending Jawa
e. Genjring/Samproh
f. Javanese Dances and Dances Workshop
g. Wayang Kulit (Leather Puppets)
h. Reban